Jeremy Shank is an experience designer creating digital products in Cleveland with a current focus on data, predictive intelligence, and habit forming products. He has a background in multimedia design, web development, and art. In his spare time he enjoys exploring fractals, spirals, networks, and trees through different disciplines.


Jeremy graduated with a degree in Multimedia Technologies from Pittsburgh Technical College where he received the Presidential 4.0 Award, Richard Caliguiri award, and Best in Show for his portfolio. Ever curious, Shank always looks for a chance to improve himself and learn something new, thriving in the creative spectrum. Each breakthrough leading to improvements in other facets of design.


Having been born in the Sonoran desert and then at seven, moving to the shores of Lake Erie left a lasting impression. Transitioning from one seemingly timeless landscape to another with changing seasons was only one of the differences. The effects could be seen in the cars people drove, activities, and accents. It was staggering shift. Growing up, Shank found himself engulfed in interests including first dinosaurs, then computers, outer space, and the oceans depths. The complexity and mechanics of life and all of the dimensions that it contained proved to be a very intractable problem but led to interests in architecture, ecology, and sustainable design. At a young age he found himself filling notebooks and sketchbooks with words, worlds, and wierdlings.

Employing both digital and traditional techniques, he creates stories and visions of life, universe and form, to pixel, fibre, and earthen materials. His work is a mix of Art Nouveau style and line with a focus on the natural elements that surround him. Organisms, habitat and energy are common subjects portrayed in his paintings. The majority of his traditional work is created on board or masonite using a series of acrylic washes over an inked sketch. Digital work is primarily composed in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Show History
8.1.12 – 8.31.12 Figment to Pigment
Ashtabula Arts Center | Ashtabula, OH
3.17.12 – 3.18.2012 Primal Focus
The Hang Suite | Ashtabula, OH
4.30.11 Art All Night
Iron City Brewery | Lawrenceville, PA
9.25.10 Artist Jamboree
Grape Jamboree | Geneva, OH
10.27.07 Halloween Show
Creative Treehouse | Bellevue, PA
9.28.07 Creative Marathon 2
Creative Treehouse | Bellevue, PA
8.25.07 Doughnuts & Art 2
Creative Treehouse | Bellevue, PA
6.30.07 Open House – Live paint session
Creative Treehouse | Bellevue, PA
4.28.07 Doughnuts & Art
Creative Treehouse | Bellevue, PA
2.24.07 Creative Marathon
Creative Treehouse | Bellevue, PA